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The Health Care Bill: Bad news for small businesses?
HispanicSMB Blogs By Hispanic SMB on 7/18/2009
Assuming that the current version of the proposed government health care bill is passed by Congress, what can you expect? If the bill was passed today, the answer is: nothing good ...
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Claiming your domain in the Internet, now en Español
HispanicSMB Blogs By Hispanic SMB on 7/4/2009
With more and more Hispanic small businesses going on line, it is critical to claim your stake and register your own domain. This process, which for many seems perplexing, has now become easier with an end-to-end Spanish solution from
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Are you ready to start a business? Take this 3 minute test and find out
HispanicSMB Blogs By Hispanic SMB on 6/3/2009
Ever wondered if you are ready to start a business? Although I don’t think anybody is ever 100% ready, I had always hoped that there would be a way to at least get an idea of for the level of readiness one has for going it alone. Well, the Small Business Administration has put out a tool that allows you to do just that.
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The Economic Census and you
HispanicSMB Blogs By Hispanic SMB on 5/20/2009
We just received a request from the US Census Bureau asking that we complete a census survey in support of their 2007 Economic Census. Unlike the general population census, this one is offered to randomly selected businesses across the country. The responses are vital as they allow the government to extrapolate the composition of the country's business population. Should you participate?
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Despite downturn Hispanic startups getting seed funding
HispanicSMB Blogs By Hispanic SMB on 4/25/2009
I just came back from spending a week in L.A. and took the opportunity to informally survey the state of affairs of Hispanic small businesses in that part of the country. While there, it became evident that while it is true that times are hard, Latino business tenacity is alive and well. This appears to be the case in other parts of the country as well. Just this week for example, we learned that Austin based, Hispanic start up Cubit Planning has just received seed funding from Capital Factory. Read on ....
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Is now the time to start your own business?
HispanicSMB Blogs By Hispanic SMB on 4/3/2009
If you are like me, you probably know at least half a dozen people who have lost their job in the last few weeks or months. And it is also likely that at least some of them have not found new jobs just yet. It is tough out there. And so with the economy in such a sad state of affairs, logic would seem to dictate that this is the worst possible time to start a business. Well, not so fast. History has shown time and again that severe downturns are actually the best time to start up a business. Here are some arguments to support this seemingly contrarian, yet logical position ...
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Obama at the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce: the education and business connection
HispanicSMB Blogs By Hispanic SMB on 3/19/2009
President Obama recently spoke at the USHCC 19th Annual Legislative Conference but rather than address some of the pressing issues confronting the Hispanic small business community, he chose to discuss the topic of education. Perhaps it was not what the people in attendance expected, but certainly right on target.
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Book review: "Connecting my Dots", a practical guide for high achieving Latinas
HispanicSMB Blogs By Hispanic SMB on 3/17/2009
Let's start by establishing that I am not the target audience of this great book, which is clearly written for professional women. However this new title from Latina author Ilieva Ageenko clearly transcends gender. "Connecting my Dots, a Woman’s Leadership Guide to Multidimensional Success" offers practical advice to women (and yes men) on how to balance professional and personal life.
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Juan Silvera publishes and edits  Over the last 12 years he has been a partner in three different online ventures: (acquired by SAIC), Connetation GmbH and Latin3.  In addition to running Juan is a Senior Vice President in the Digital Marketing division of a Fortune 100 financial institution.  He has lived and worked in L.A., Mexico City, Caracas, Salzburg (Austria), Ft. Lauderdale and Charlotte, NC. 

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